R.I.C.E.D Neoprene Compression Strap

R.I.C.E.D. compression strap: Neoprene and velcro compression strap with mesh lined ice-pack pocket plus 1 x hot/cold re-usable gel pack and 2 x instant ice packs. Amazing value and versatility!

High-quality neoprene and velcro fastening cold compression strap that is versatile enough to offer support to any body part injured. Complete with a mesh ice pack pocket (to prevent ‘ice burn’ on the skin) and designed to fit perfectly with the d3 instant or reusable ice packs it offers a secure and safe means of stabilising and offering immediate cold compression to an injury, resulting in reduced swelling and soft tissue damage. (Also makes a handy shoulder/arm sling too.)

  • Rest - Stop competing immediately
  • Ice - Reduce blood flow (initially) to the damaged area
  • Compression - Reduce swelling and movement that may increase damage
  • Elevation - Help the heart and blood stream to begin the process of repair
  • Doctor (referral) - In serious or persistent cases seek expert medical care and advice

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